Who we are?



Ster Group was founded in Erbil, Iraq in 2002. Since its inception, Ster Group has emerged as one of Iraq’s fastest growing conglomerates. The group’s core expertise includes construction, environmental engineering, consultancy, insurance, security, manpower, energy resources, communications, general trading, tourism, information technology, and research. Ster Group also actively invests in a wide range of real estate projects.



Ster Tower has a highly qualified and experienced security teams provided by Ster Security and the Zerevany team has provided by the government . The main goal of the security teams is to provide security to the Ster Tower occupants an d its surroundings.he security systems that are applied in the building include Automated Checkpoint …

Maintenance and Cleaning Services


Ster Tower has professional staff for all maintenance services (mechanical, AC, electrical and others), the maintenance staff is doing preventive maintenance to keep  the quality and performance of the  building

Electicity & Internet


Internet, air-condition, and Electricity Ster Tower has high speed internet and 24/7 electricity. Since TarinNet is part of the Ster Group and  as its head office in the tower, we are proud to have the latest in terms of internet services.

Health and Safety


The building is equipped with two fire escapes, smoke detectors, a sprinkler system, fire hoses, extinguish bottles, fire alarms,and it has an evacuation system in place in cases of emergencies. Furthermore, our facility offers all tenants prompt and efficient maintenance and tech support services.

Our Procedure

How We Work?


Where We Are?

Iraq, Erbil. Gulan St, 44001.